Our Services

We offer to our Clients general delivery (turn key delivery) of industrial plants and engineering services utilised in reconstruction of existing plants
We can be responsible for all activities from design, procurement, consulting to commisioning and handover of the project to the End-User or Owner. Our engineers and experts will accompany the project owner during the entire project lifetime and consult them for especial fields of instrumenting, controlling systems, security and safety systems.
Company is capable to fulfil all offered services because of its high skilled specialists having large experience in design, execution and start up of industrial plants.


Engineering, Design
& Training

Company is capable to manage:
feasibility study and design documentation
turn key delivery
on site assembly and supervision
commissioning and start
training and other services


Procurement, Supply
& Consulting

An accomplished procurement consulting team helps:
Procurement Transformation
more efficient and effective operation
improved performance
Strategic sourcing
state-of-the-art solutions


Business Services

We are looking forward to collaboration.
We have special experiences in Export of various equipment to Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Eastern Asia. We provide sales and transfer of your know-how as well as production to target markets and develop opportunities project investors, commodity trade and equipment supply.

Services Overview

Engineering of controlling and emergency shutdown systems
Almost in all petrochemical plants and oil and gas refineries controlling systems are used to optimize, regulate, commands and manage the behaviour of machines and devices for various industrial production.
Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) is designed to minimize the consequences of emergency situations, related to typically uncontrolled flooding, escape of hydrocarbons, or outbreak of fire in hydrocarbon carrying areas or areas which may otherwise be hazardous.

consulting for Field instruments and industrial Equipments
Considering your requirement and specification of the system you are using, we can compare various instruments and devices and offer you the most appropriate solution, which meets your expectation and budgets.
Therefore, a close contact to our clients and observation of their needs, will help us to offer them the best alternative.

Analysing Systems and software licensing
Before you can improve a system, you must understand how well it’s currently operating. Analyzing a system in operation is difficult, but definitely possible — if you know what to look for.
Many controlling software and firmware can only be used if you purchase the license from producers. In this regard, we are able to provide our clients the license of many industrial software and automation technologies according our mutual agreements with manufacturers and system producers.

Medical and In-Vitro Diagnostics
We are not only doing business in industrial layer but also we are providing appropriate solutions for healthcare sectors.
We are supplying various imaging and diagnostics equipment for both home and professional use in the domestic and international markets.